Tipsy Toad Grove Farm

Tipsy Toad Grove Farm

Products at the market:

  • Goat milk soap & body products
  • Burritos made with local ingredients
  • Salads

Tipsy Toad Grove is a small mixed farm in Tremont, Nova Scotia. We produce no-spray veggies, meat, eggs, maple syrup and goat milk body products & soaps. We came to farming driven by ethical concerns for the animals and the land that produce these items, and everything we do reflects that. We also like food…a lot!

Our farm is home to a small market garden (from which we run a CSA Veggie Box program) and a variety of livestock that includes sheep, pigs, horses, poultry, a llama, and a herd of Miniature Nubian goats. We use the milk from our goats to create natural soaps and body products which we sell as Tipsy Toad Soaps. These products are formulated with chemical sensitivities in mind.

Along with our soap and body products we also sell freshly made burritos. Our fillings change every week but we always have a Carnivore filling for the meat eaters, a Herbivore filling that’s vegan-friendly, and the Omnivore, which is a mixture of the two. The ingredients we use come from our own farm, as well as the other farms selling produce and meat at the market.  Our salsa is made fresh each week, and we also offer side salads which change on a weekly basis.

It’s our goal to nourish you from the outside in and the inside out.


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