Vendor Resources

Welcome to the Vendor Resources Page.

Here you’ll find important information like our market by-laws and vendor manual, as well as specific requirements for food vendors and not-for profits:

Become a Vendor.

We’re currently accepting applications for our Summer (May-October) and Fall (October-December) markets. Click the button below for more information:

Vendor Resources

Food Vendors

All vendors selling ANY food product must read the Guidelines for Public Markets and then apply for a Public Food Permit. They must also have a current Food Handlers Certificate. To find out when they are available or for further details about food safety at the Market, please be in touch with Food Safety Specialist, Sheldon Stone at: (902.679.6012) or Robert Mazzocca at: (902.679.6086)

Not-for Profit Vendors

We will have room for one Not-for-Profit each week outdoors. You are welcome to apply for a not-for-profit booth through the not-for-profit guidelines here.

New Vendor Applications

We’re currently accepting new vendor applications for our Summer (May-October) and Fall (October-December) markets. Download the application form by clicking the button below: